A perfume oil is a finished perfume, but it’s in an oil base instead of an alcohol base.

Perfume Oils can stay up to 6 -15 hours on average.
Perfumes can only stay up 1-3 hours on average

Perfume Oils is clear, rich true scent with long shelf life. Alcohol Free
Perfumes are harsh, overbearing, overpowering with a short life due to alcohol evaporation . 60-90% alcohol.

Perfume Oils are less likely to cause allergic reactions due to natural ingredients. Fewer ingredients the emits a richer aroma.
Perfumes has highly probability of causing allergic reactions. Packed with fillers.

Perfume Oils are non flammable. Smell great but also nourishes and moisturized skin.
Perfumes are highly flammable. Remove your nature body oil that causing dry skin.

 You can wear your perfume oil on your body's pulse points, which are the spots where you can feel your heartbeat and that tend to be the warmest.

The easiest way to apply is to put a few drops on one hand and then rub them together to spread them around. Then, stroke the oil over your skin in short strokes and in circular motions. This helps the scent diffuse into the air instead of staying close to your skin.

If you want to wear your perfume oil all day long, try putting a little bit on top of your dress or shirt so that it gets absorbed into the fabric. You'll get to enjoy it without having to reapply throughout the day!

Yes our perfume oils are diluted with Jojoba Oil and is at 40% fragrance oil concentration. Our perfume oils are more concentrated with less fillers, stick to your skin longer and don't contain dehydrating chemical.

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